The struggles of female surgeons in a male-dominated field

The struggles of female surgeons in a male-dominated field

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In today’s world, more and more females are entering the medical field. Thus, it should be no big surprise that the number of female surgeons has also increased alongside this general trend, becoming more visible and prominent in the world of surgery. Despite this, there are still some struggles that apply to these female surgeons more strongly than as compared to their male counterparts.
26 Jan 2017 - General
Mark Edmon Tan Male dominated but trying to invade the field the best way possible :) Now for male OB-GYNs that all is a matter of choice. I think male OB-GYNs should not be compared to female surgeons but to female urologists. This all depends on the patient and them feeling comfortable by talking about their privates parts to the opposite sex. I personally am ok with male OB-GYNs as I have friends who are in th...
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Marinelle Castro I could definitely see how listening to that comment in the local language would sound worse. That was really condescending and I would've told him off like mad in my mind ;). I as well do not want to respond to such ignorance. I try to keep a I am not a weak female look as much as possible. I almost collapsed during an OR once and it really killed me as it never happened to me before. I felt...
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I agree that the field of surgery is male-dominated and female doctors have a hard time adjusting to testosterone overload. My wife and I have some female friends who are training in various fields of surgery and they shared their struggles in dealing with this craft. I do not think that being sexist should be a part of a great surgeon's skill set. Women can do surgeries as men do. On the other hand, I would like to hear your opinion regarding the alternate of this topic. How about for men w...
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Jennifer Winter I can relate to what you mentioned. I also get those reactions a lot, especially when I started with subspecialty training. Sad to say, some patients even think that female surgeons lack the capability that male surgeons have. When I was a junior general surgery resident, I encountered this male patient in his 50's, he's scheduled for an elective major surgery. He looked at my coat, and s...
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Mahmoud AbdelAziz
The discrimination between male and female in many fields of life is still exists and females still struggle to gain their success and freedom.
All the religions are asking for equality, being religious and well educated will change this way of thinking and make any person live better and satisfied.
Females deserve to reach what they want and have the full respect, their nature and ...
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