Turmeric: The truth about ‘superfoods’

Turmeric: The truth about ‘superfoods’

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Despite the millions of dollars spent on researching the superfood, scientists have found that curcumin – the molecule in turmeric – is likely to yield false results, and that there is no scientific evidence to prove its acclaimed health benefits.
26 Jan 2017 - General
Like Lianne Marie Victoria Laruan , I was also very surprised with the negative claims about turmeric on this article. While I agree that chemicals behave differently under physiologic conditions, it is not impossible to mimic such conditions when performing experiments. I was curious enough to read about randomized controlled trials and systematic reviews on turmeric. So far, a lot of journal articles support its...
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Oh my, reading this got me surprised as I have seen and even referenced various turmeric studies that have yielded findings that seem to prove its benefits. Turmeric and its active compound, curcumin, are found in so many supplements and have so many therapeutic claims, and I’m sure that reading this article may shake many beliefs about the herb. Personally, I have been a believer in turmeric’s abilities and have been using it myself for a period of time, so I am very much surprised that it has ...
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