The power of belief: 6 startling facts about the placebo effect

The power of belief: 6 startling facts about the placebo effect

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The placebo effect is generally known for its usage in drug trials to differentiate the effectiveness of a drug from effects of the mind. However, the placebo effect goes beyond sugar pills.
27 Jan 2017 - General
Thanks for mentioning the vitamins. I totally agree with you regarding the placebo effect of vitamins and traditional preparations Madhubabu kaaja Tarah Cadiz . There is no question about the importance of vitamins but sometimes the patients’ belief in vitamins augment the targeted effect and they really feel much better. This phe...
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It is interesting to study connection between mind and body moreover our mind doing best for our body with placebo. I wonder to hear about fake surgeries being performed for patients for a feel of better and nice to see. Further geographical location is also influencing that their psychology is controlling with placebos for some diseases and some are not. But I have not seen any of doctor prescribing with a placebo or being manufacturing of placebo by industries. I can say that multivitamins are...
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I was quite surprised about those people who use to think they were taking vodka! I couldn't imagine that placebo is as effective as this. I mean how great the mind can be influential up to our physical ailments. And regarding the antidepressants, what a surprise that it is more of a placebo effect too! Just imagine how much injury you get to give to your kidneys for taking this type of pills wherein your body doesn't need at all. Also for the fake surgeries, I'm also a little bit co...
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As a medical practitioner, I have witnessed a variety of responses from patients taking placebo pills. During clinical trials, where blinding of participants are involved, they are made to believe that all the medicines being given to them contain a special substance that will cure them or at least make them feel better. This only proves, once again, that the mind is a very powerful tool and with the right frame of thought an the will to get better, it can actually alleviate pain and some illnes...
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