Series of unfortunate errors and workplace abuse drive doctor to take own life

Series of unfortunate errors and workplace abuse drive doctor to take own life

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A series of tragic errors and workplace abuse drove a young UK doctor with a promising future to take his own life. His death was deemed ‘preventable’ by authorities – sadly, much too late for the unfortunate physician.
27 Jan 2017 - General
Workplace bullying is not a new issue at all, and sometimes it masks itself into forms of seemingly harmless and funny jokes that the recipient is hesitant to stand up to. Sometimes, it becomes a culture in the workplace as a form of "accepting" someone in the group. However, in this case I cannot really comment with what was just written in the article. The information written might be just one sided or there might be reasons as to why the doctor committed such and why he was treated ...
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Reading about this really saddens me. Verbal abuse and bullying may seem to be normal in some workplaces, and it may mean nothing to those who do it. The same isn’t true, however to the recipient of these actions — just a few hurtful words can have a big impact on a person. You never know what someone is going true, so it’s best to be kind. Also, the organization could have prevented such an incidence by having something in place to regularly check on their employees, especially since they are d...
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Commiting minor errors in the workplace isn't new to us healthcare providers. It is understandable that we get to live in a stressful kind of environment which can sometimes make us be burned out. Therefore a strong support system should be there for us all the time and also may we have the positive character to embrace the tension we are facing. It is sad and heart breaking to read this kind of stories commiting suicide due to workplace stress. It isn't worth it at all to offer our live...
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