What do seniors in nursing homes really want?

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27 Jan 2017 - General

Nursing homes for seniors is one of top priority for developed and developing countries in Asia especially like Singapore and Malaysia. Singapore is in need for caring of seniors in nursing homes as number of elder population is going to increase soon. Some people want to be alone and privacy but some are need still social connections and want mingle with others still. A singapore site has published insigts of seniorsas some needs privacy.

So dear MIMS community members it is challenging to take care of seniors also. Express your views and experiences on this topic.



I agree with Lianne Marie Victoria Laruan , Filipino families have such tight knit relationship with each others that even the lolas and lolos (grandmothers and grandfathers) and other extended family members live in one house or a compound of houses. With a lot of time in their hands, most senior people do have a lot in mind that they can do which keeps them away from anxiety and depression of getting old and alo...
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I think aside from being able to meet the medical needs of the patients, nursing homes also provide an avenue for socialization and entertainment. Here in the Philippines, nursing homes are very rare because the tradition is that the elderly live with their children and families and are cared for by them. From my observations, many seniors remain active by spending their time volunteering in social and religious organizations, visiting with friends and family, and in some cases help babysit thei...
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Thank you Madhubabu kaaja for sharing this interesting topic with us. It is really important and quite not often discussed. To provide a good care for the elderly, we need to know their expectations first then try to fulfil them. As you said, senior citizens have different preferences. Thus, we need to take these personal differences into consideration. Fulfilling their social needs either being in quiet group or ...
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