Rare disease caused a woman to starve to death

Rare disease caused a woman to starve to death

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Just when she thought she had it all, Lisa Brown was diagnosed with superior mesenteric artery syndrome (SMAS), a rare disease that caused her to starve, eventually to her death.
29 Jan 2017 - General
Mahmoud AbdelAziz
I'm really shocked and sad after reading this article, this woman is a hero to stand and fight to gain her life again facing all the difficulties from all sides, financial, physical, emotional.
More studies and researches should be focused on the rare diseases as well as other common diseases.
Many rare diseases may will be a common diseases in the future so more efforts and att...
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This is such a saddening, devastating story. I could just imagine the struggle and all the hospital fees and emotional rollercoaster the couple had to go through. It's difficult to live with a debilitating disease, let alone a rare disease that not all people would understand. The challenge of having a rare disease is that, the management is not all the times definitive and would have to opt for a palliative way through the course of the illness. Eventually, not all rare disease can be cure...
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