5 horrifying yet common medical mistakes

5 horrifying yet common medical mistakes

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Human errors caused by doctors can have far-reaching consequences for them and can sometimes be fatal for patients.
29 Jan 2017 - General
Kathleen Peralta is right. Most of these medical mistakes were preventable. Like Marinelle Castro I have not seen any of these mistakes in the institutions I have worked in as there is a lot of cross checking involved by various members of the medical staff. I have seen in the past wrong casting but I have not witness wrong amputa...
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Thank you for sharing this topic on the community Tahira Nawaz . As healthcare professionals are under the stress of workload and narrow timings, sometimes they get distracted or lose concentration so that mistakes take place in a fraction of a second. The five mentioned categories are very easy to occur but the consequences can be irreparable. HCPs should be provided with the friendly working environment to achi...
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