Patients Trading Stories

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29 Jan 2017 - General

photo from Elite Fitout Solutions

The queue for a doctor's visit is notoriously long often times. This leads to patients socializing with other patients to kill time. Patients would more often than not trade stories  treatment regimen that worked for them. I have noticed this trend as patients who see me are equipped with one question about the medications prescribed. Some would even insist to shift to a certain medication that was recommended by the previous patient. For the MIMS community, do you notice this trend with your patients too? It does not have to be necessarily from outpatient stories as some inpatients trade stories too.

I haven't had personal experience with outpatients but when I started working in Day Surgery Unit, I have heard patients sharing their experience to the next patient, who will undergo a day case surgery. Normally, they would talk about how nice the surgeon is and the rest of the team. At a patient's point of view, the last visit I had in Philippines was with my daughter to see a Paediatrician, and I can hear moms advising the other about formula milk that worked for their kids or a cer...
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