Misconceptions About Maintenance Medications

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29 Jan 2017 - General

photo from Mark Brody, MD

In my clinical experience, misconceptions about maintenance medications are commonly encountered. Doctors in the Philipiines stress the importance of religiously taking maintenance medications for control of a disease. Since the healthcare system iin our does not cover medical expenses and medications, some people do not use maintenance medications for its intended purpose. Instead, they only use it when a smptom arises (i.e. calcium channel blockers are used for chest pain). This becomes a problem as adequate control of blood pressure or blood glucose, stroke prevention, and decreased for complications are not addressed. For the MIMS community, do you encounter the same problem in your community or country too?

Chih Chiang Nieh Based on the discussion below, it seems like Asians in general have reservations with taking medications. Another possible reason for this is the availability of herbal/organic/alternative medicines that can be accessed readily. I agree that education about the appropriate use of maintenance medications with discussion of possible side effects will make patients feel more secure about taking med...
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Rajinda Asalage Thank you for sharing your stand. Oh yes. Patients do have a lot of beliefs and misconceptions about medicines and they search for internet "facts" more than ever. It is really sad that some people think that lifestyle related diseases will get "resolved" on its own and there is no need for maintenance medicines. Whenever I hear statements like these, I take a huge chunk of tim...
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Madhubabu kaaja People in India are remarkable for their discipline in taking maintenance medications regularly. You have mentioned that people who cannot afford buying a month's refill of medications opt for buying 10 pieces at a time. In the Philippines, patients have the option of buying less than the prescribed amount of drugs and the pharmacists reduce the number of medications to be dispensed. The patien...
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Back in my student days, I remember being exposed to the community as part of our exposure as community health nurses. I was assigned to a family who had hypertension. As Jemelyn Mae Sodusta mentioned, the notion that because their Blood Pressure is okay, and asymptomatic, makes them think that it's okay not to take it. This is where Health Education comes in and it is very important to stress it to the peopl...
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