Free soda: France bans unlimited sugary drink refills - BBC News

Free soda: France bans unlimited sugary drink refills - BBC News

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The number of overweight or obese people in France is below the EU average but is on the rise.
29 Jan 2017 - General
Madhubabu kaaja Tahira Nawaz Jemelyn Mae Sodusta Kathleen Peralta Thank you for sharing your insights regarding this topic. I am in agreement with all of you that this is a very good move by France. I think that this policy is better than adding taxes on sugary products as suggested by WHO. It will most likely limit consumption, but i also think that adding on taxes will create a problem for the poor sector of the economy. I am optimistic about this newly implemented policy of France. In my own ...
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we have discussed about sugary drinks consumption relating to diabetes and other health complications in our previous discussions. France government trying to reduce people consumption of free drinks so where by minimised consumption but it should also considered public should aware of consequences also. Coming to our Asian countries are more prone to obesity of all ages and common dietary factors being observed from last few years. We should concentrate on this issue also. Thanking you for your...
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