Toilet Training

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29 Jan 2017 - General

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As a full time working mom, I am in need of some tips regarding toilet training my two year old (hoping that there is someone experienced in Pedia/ Child care). Before we stopped using nappies, my little one has been dry all night for six consecutive nights so I thought she is ready to be toilet trained. It is really amusing as she started to be dry at night first compared to the norm that toddlers get toilet trained during the day first. So, we stopped using nappies and encourage her to sit on the toilet as often as possible. Normally, she would go a full day dry but there are occassions when it's too late and she would get wet without telling us she needed one. She wouldn't normally ask to urinate, she just goes to toilet to urinate because I prompt her to. As for the other thing, "poo", she seems doing fine with it.  Am I too eager to toilet train her? Am I putting pressure on my little one?

Kathleen Peralta Actually it is my eldest who is undergoing toilet training now. My youngest just turned 1. As for your question, my daughter was not ready right away. There were times when she would send false alarms or would not be comfortable with use of potty seat. There will be bumps along the way of potty training but I am sure your child will do fine :) It is fine if you elect not to use nappies but be pre...
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