5 more horrifying yet common medical mistakes

5 more horrifying yet common medical mistakes

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Medical malpractice - even when accidental - can be fatal for a patient. In this second part, we take a look at five more instances of medical mistakes that proved very costly.
30 Jan 2017 - General
i would like to share two of my experiences,
1) it was a call from a fellow practitioner for a male patient to diagnose groin swelling & further treatment. patient was mentally challenged . during examination it was stinking like a dead rat. the groin swelling was Hydrocele. When i examined thoroughly, i found perianal necrotizing fascitis. so we decided to treat the later one as being priority. so we need to examine patient as a whole....
2) during circumcision of adult diabetic mal...
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Falls in hospitals or healthcare institutions is a sin. A fall is entirely an avoidable mishap, and fall can lead to disastrous consequences. If an elderly were to fall and sustain a hip fracture, mortality can be 50% in the next 5 to 10 years. Someone on blood thinners/warfarin and has a head injury would be a catastrophic incident. Nurses or therapist or anyone who is tending to the patients should be extra careful to avoid. Fall precaution should be implemented on patients who are at risk - l...
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Just to side track - when we do hand hygiene the 7 steps of hand washing, we could either choose hand washing with chlorhexidine soap or alcohol 70% hand rub. The latter is convenient but it does not eradicate the spores from clostridum differcile and hence can still potentially spread CD toxin causing pseudomembranous colitis. The former would be a better choice but will require abit more time. What is important is good hand hygiene at 5 points of time including before and after seeing patients...
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