The voices in my head

The voices in my head

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To all appearances, Eleanor Longden was just like every other student, heading to college full of promise and without a care in the world. That was until the voices in her head started talking. Initially innocuous, these internal narrators became increasingly antagonistic and dictatorial, turning her life into a living nightmare. Diagnosed with schizophrenia, hospitalized, drugged, Longden was discarded by a system that didn't know how to help her. Longden tells the moving tale of her years-long journey back to mental health, and makes the case that it was through learning to listen to her voices that she was able to survive.
31 Jan 2017 - General
Afaque Ali Thank you for stressing the importance of self-awareness in diagnosing psychiatric symptoms. The demand of our career starting from day 1 of medical school takes one to a rollercoaster of emotions. Students and professionals alike must acknowledge the importance of getting help immediately. On the spectrum of dealing with psychiatric patients, we must exude empathy at all times as these patients really...
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