Calorie count of 50 popular food and drinks in Malaysia and Singapore

Calorie count of 50 popular food and drinks in Malaysia and Singapore

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It is no secret that Malaysians and Singaporeans love their food, which has probably contributed to the high obesity rates - 17.7% are obese and 30% are overweight in Malaysia and 11% are obese in Singapore. So how many calories are there exactly, in our favourite foods?
31 Jan 2017 - General
Mahmoud AbdelAziz
Paying attention to calories count of famous food plates in Malaysia is a great move, it will help to aware people and train them to limit their calorie intake and try to live a better and healthier life.
There are many food types we eat thinking that their calorie index is low but they are very rich in sugar and fats,using the calorie table of food will be helpful for people to control...
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Very interesting article. Contrary to popular belief that fast-food or Western cuisine are more loaded with calories than Asian food, this article sums up the caloric content of some of the most popular dishes in the Eastern countries. Singaporeans and Malaysians should watch what they eat especially when these dishes are best consumed with rice which is very high in starch. To prevent obesity and cardiovascular diseases, it is advisable for these nations to exercise daily and opt for the health...
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Their food are really spicy and oily as what Mahmoud AbdelAziz said. I love singaporean cuisine too, the red chili crab or lobster, a sort of chinese cuisine since the country is being dominated by chinese too. Their food is rich in calories exactly! Well just a bowl of soup for more or less 500 calories is quite big for just a noodle soup. At the same time, still it depends on how you take up your food in moder...
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