The Cost of The Crown: Beauty Pageants and Health Issues

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31 Jan 2017 - General

The culminating event of the 65th Miss Universe happened yesterday and while I was watching the contestant fight for the crown last Monday, I couldn't help but think how much these ladies eat in a day to maintain that kind of figure. It is quite common for women who join beauty pageants to undergo cosmetic surgery to look aesthetically pleasing, which is also another health issue, but their rigorous dieting and exercise would somehow take a toll on them in one way or another. Moreover, some women who are too immersed in pageantry even suffer from depression and eating disorders. For the MIMS Community, can you share your insights about this topic? 

Marinelle Castro The winner of the Miss Universe is a role model for younger women and I agree with you that the competition sends a message that one should have this set of vital statistics in order to be judged as beautiful. It puts extra pressure on a lot of women to try unconventional methods, including having eating disorders, in order to identify with their role model. A suggestion of placing a limit on nor...
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I agree with your thoughts Mark Edmon Tan . Pageant business may ruin the eating habits of the models. Immense care is taken of their health regarding their diet and sleep timetable during pageants like Miss Universe, still few women who become obsessed with that figure may eventually damage their health. This year's Miss Universe is a dentist and she can truly promote the importance of proper diet in the pag...
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