Fructose and Gout: What’s the Link? - Gout

Fructose and Gout: What’s the Link? - Gout

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Most of us know how sugar affects our waistline. Too much of the sweet stuff contributes to obesity, and with it, diseases like diabetes and heart disease. Overdoing it on one type of sugar in particular—the high fructose corn syrup found in sodas and processed foods—can also set off painful gout. Considering that the average … Continue reading Fructose and Gout: What’s the Link? →
31 Jan 2017 - General
As clinicians and health care professionals, we often advise patients with gout to stave off purine-rich food such as soy and meats. However, we may be missing out on advising patients to avoid taking in high fructose which leads to accumulation of uric acid too. Fructose is metabolized mainly in the liver with uric acid as the byproduct. Therefore, taking in food rich in fructose is not only a risk factor for being obese or diabetic but also for accumulating high blood uric acid levels. For the...
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