Saving money on Rx drugs

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1 Feb 2017 - General

It is our responsibility to save patients money also, right like medication, surgery and post operative care etc. Patient should ask doctors for how long should take medicine and accordingly should use and no over self prescribing medications as we might face like persons. We should able to prefer generic medications wherever possible in the place of prescriptyion medicines which may reduce cost on patient. There is a way to find alternative way for discounts on billings. Dear MIMS community member how patients saving on Rx drugs in your regions and you helping them in doing so.

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Madhubabu kaaja Nice cartoon for the topic. In our healthcare system, patients buy all the medicines with their own resources unlike in Malaysia as Mahmoud AbdelAziz . We cope with the lack of subsidy by giving free samples to those who cannot afford medications. I ask my co-residents for medicine samples to collect the number nece...
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