Medical marriages: A match made in heaven?

Medical marriages: A match made in heaven?

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Doctor-doctor and doctor-nurse pairings seem to be typical portrayals of couples in movies and on television, or natural pairings arising in the workplace. There are a few pros and cons that should be considered when it comes to starting a serious relationship with and eventually marrying a fellow healthcare professional.
1 Feb 2017 - General
To each his or her own. It is choice to select a medical or non-medical partner. What is important is understanding. It is difficult to deal with doctors. I have friends who are married to doctors and find it very difficult to adjust to their lifestyle. Medical marriages work out because of knowing what the other is going through without extra explanations needed. Like Mark Edmon Tan has nicely explained through ...
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Tahira Nawaz
There are many advantages of medical marriages, the equivalence between wife and husband is very important and as both of them is well educated, they will focus on the raise of their children and do their best well educate them too.
One of the disadvantages in my opinion, if one of them is successful more than the other especially if the wife is the one, the jealous husband or wife will caus...
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My wife and I are both physicians and I do not have any single regret about our marriage. The pros mentioned are obviously indisputable. For the cons, it can be arranged. Lack of work-life balance can always be corrected with proper scheduling. Children can enjoy a parent's presence with undivided attention. For the record, I am met with the choice between bedtime stories and a chapter of specialty book at night. Bedtime stories always win and I compensate by reading late or early in the mor...
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