Keen on becoming a school nurse?

Keen on becoming a school nurse?

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For nurses, working in hectic environments such as hospitals and clinics can be overwhelming. They may hence prefer to be a school nurse, where it is slower paced and less stressful.
1 Feb 2017 - General
Thank you Sangeetha Devi Puminathan for sharing your experience, In fact you have elaborated the core of nursing profession in hospital. I really appreciate and like it. I agree with you Xinglin Ho, it is very exciting job and I also agree with you that number of students to be visited by nurse on daily bases vary from school to ...
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Tahira Nawaz
Thank you very much for your post this is very insightful and great to know that Msia school nurses are becoming more demanding.

Actually, having 10 patients a day is true to a small extend, i thought it would mainly depend of the size of the school. I am working in an international school in Singapore with approximately 450 students, our patient number range from 35 to 82( highest re...
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Thank you for sharing the article, it was a interesting look at the role of a school nurse and the requirements needed for the job. Looking at the situation, I can see that there is a great role for nurses to be able to provide care for patients. Chih Chiang Nieh You mentioned about PE teachers are trained in first aid and HPB deploying nurses. I concur that this happens in Singapore. Does this occur in Malaysia...
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Tahira Nawaz
The role of school nurse in my opinion is not easy and require a talented and skilled personnel.
Beside having a good knowledge of pediatrics, communication skills are needed to know how to deal with kids and comfort them as most of them have feelings of fear toward doctors and medicines.
Also school nurse should be attentive and focused to know which student is sick and how to contain h...
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