The underrated importance of incremental care

The underrated importance of incremental care

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The direction of modern healthcare has changed from the times when urgent heroic interventions were needed to save lives, but is enough attention being paid to incremental care?
1 Feb 2017 - General
Thank you for sharing the article Tahira Nawaz . It was a interesting read as well as a good introduction to the concept of "incremental health". I think that this article mentions the sad truth that occurs in the industry due to many years to patient education and care. It is well known that preventive care and incremental care will do well for patients, but they cannot be implemented easily due to pat...
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Tahira Nawaz
Medical field is very critical and requires no t less than professional healthcare staff and many preparations and up to dated provided researches.
Incremental care, in my opinion is a great pathway to add and it is a picture for professionality and more efficiency, as health problems are becoming more complicated and dominant, the arise and well occupying of incremental care is needed and s...
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