Palliative care: Why patients deserve the truth

Palliative care: Why patients deserve the truth

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In caring for patients, doctors often forge relationships with them. Thus, to avoid causing perceived pain to those patients, or perhaps to avoid their own discomfort – it is not difficult to imagine that doctors would gloss over the topic of death.
1 Feb 2017 - General
Mahmoud AbdelAziz
The nature of human being whatever the reality, concerning illness or any other life situation, is not easy accepting the truth and the facing of reality.
To make the doctor is the one responsible to communicate with terminating ill patients, that a big trust, requires a professional and well experienced doctor showing a good communication skills, telling the truth and showing support a...
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Thanks for sharing the article Mahmoud AbdelAziz . It talks about a issue which we face when we face patients everyday. I am unable to comment on the Asia like Chih Chiang Nieh but i concur that in SIngapore, there are certain patients who do not want to face the truth( or rather the family does not want them know) and the inform...
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Patients always deserve to know the truth, especially if they are competent with decision making. Though doctors may imagine this to be hard for the patient to accept, opening up the possibility of eventual death will help patients prepare for end of life. Detailing the possible degeneration along the way will help them know more about their disease and avoid being in a depressive mood all the time. We just have to know the delicate line between honesty and empathy. There is no right way to do i...
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