Things that nurses do not tell their patients

Things that nurses do not tell their patients

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There are things that nurses do not tell their patients. This may include their test results or their worrying condition. Often, this is perceived to be for their good.
2 Feb 2017 - General
Mahmoud AbdelAziz
What nurses do is a great job and what the article mentioned about what they hide, the have the complete right to hide it.
Knowing the patients name is more comfortable way that give the patients the impression that the nurse is focusing on them and give them the total support.
Hiding the results, is true too as the doctors should be the one to explain accurately their cases and will...
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Thank you for sharing Mahmoud AbdelAziz . It is great to be able to know what nurses do not tell patients. There are things that doctors do not tell patients as well. I think the last one "Nurses often do not remember their patients’ names" is not really appropriate although it is very common. This is because this might lead to problems when patients change their bed.( They can use 2 identifiers, but it...
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