Intermittent fasting

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3 Feb 2017 - General

I just want to get the opinion of healthcare providers on Intermittent fasting and its health benefits. I've read some articles that it has benefits in terms of improving insulin sensitivity and promotion of weight loss. The most popular method is the "Lean gains" method, wherein a person fasts for 16 hours (may take zero calorie drinks) with an eating period of 8 hours. I've read mixed reviews that this is unhealthy, while some medical professionals think that there is benefit to it. What is your opinion? 

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I believe that intermittent fasting is full of merits. Besides improving insulin sensitivity, it can help us control our food intake and other unhealthy food habits. However, I don’t see fasting for 16 hours is an intermittent fasting! Intermittent fasting would be for few hours not exceeding four or five hours. Fasting for 16 hours is a complete fasting that requires a good meal prior and after it exactly as the Islamic fasting. Not eating for more than 16 hours could be considered as starving ...
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