PH Nurse in Ireland guilty of breaching Code of Conduct

PH Nurse in Ireland guilty of breaching Code of Conduct

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A Filipino nurse working in Ireland, has been found guilty of breaching the Code of Conduct breach and professional misconduct after she admitted to borrowing €100 from a former 53-year old patient suffering from multiple sclerosis.
3 Feb 2017 - General
Marinelle Castro You beat me to the punch with wondering if this was ethical if done outside the workplace. I am not sure if there are protocols concerning patient interactions outside the workplace. Technically, it would be ethical as far as where lending is done is concerned. However, this act breaches the professional rapport between an HCP and a patient and this could affect professional performance if the pa...
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Shunjie Chua I agree that it was good that highlighting a seemingly benign act is a form of professional misconduct. We must always bear in mind that we should act accordingly in the workplace. Personal matters , unless that of emergency, are not supposed to be conducted in the workplace. Our fellow HCP should have been in a very stressful situation to loan money from a patient but it cannot justify misconduct....
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The take away lesson for this case is to know how to maintain and keep a professional therapeutic relationship with patients and their families. I agree with Mark Edmon Tan that definitely borrowing money is professionally unethical, especially if it happens while the professional is performing his/her duties. I just want to ask the opinion of the community members if the act would have been ethical if it was do...
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