How to Do the Shortest Workout Possible

How to Do the Shortest Workout Possible

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Martin Gibala is the scientist we most have to thank for the popularity of very brief, very hard exercise.
3 Feb 2017 - General
Marinelle Castro Are you saying that you are doing 30-45 min per workout or a total of that per week? If it is the former, your HIIT regime is actually quite long. I personally have a mixture of both indoors and outdoors. Outdoors would largely with running/stairs and indoors would be with the stationary bike, at times doing some spinning.Logically, I think there might be a difference in physiological effects, bu...
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Tarah Cadiz I also like running outdoors. However, I became so discouraged because of the air pollution. Back when I was a student, this was very feasible. But now that I'm in residency training, this might not be practical for me. I'm happy that you are able to keep up with the exercises. With regards to weight lifting exercises, it does help in weight loss if done regularly. People with more muscle mass...
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Marinelle Castro There are many variants for HIIT exercises which are possible. It is just that stationary bicycles in the one which is the easiest to keep to the time intervals. Personally, I perform the one by jogging in which i jog at high intensity for 4 min then rest 4 min and for a total of 16 min. For those who are into track and field when they were younger, these workout is akin to Farlek, Interval work ...
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Shunjie Chua Thanks for sharing this article. I regularly do HIIT workouts because it is a more sustainable exercise regimen for my schedule. I started doing this last year, and I've progressed a lot in terms of endurance in intensity and length of workouts. But of course this is not for everyone. There are low impact versions of HIIT for beginners, which also follows the same principle. I also don't us...
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