World Cancer Day 2017

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4 Feb 2017 - General

Today world cancer day 2017,join the world group to fight againest the deadliest disease on earth as per my opinion. It is an informative post with a neat understanding the underlying factors and its spreading over world. Indian women are more prone to cancer and men also. This post is to aware all patients with this infographics. Healthy habits and healthy environment prevents for a some while. Please express your opinions and experiences for a better prevention.

Shunjie Chua Do you guys use sunscreen? Up to now I have yet to find a brand that is not sticky. A practical way to avoid acquiring cancer is to avoid exposure to chemicals as much as possible - -especially food. It is difficult to avoid processed food because it is convenient, but I always recommend people to start by avoidance of eating at fast food restaurants. I think with simple steps like that, people can...
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