Cardiologist imprisoned for murder-for-hire plot against rival doctor

Cardiologist imprisoned for murder-for-hire plot against rival doctor

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A physician labelled as a “wannabe mafioso in a doctor’s jacket” was slapped with five years in prison for premeditating a sinister plot to assault his rival physician after a professional dispute.
4 Feb 2017 - General
Mahmoud AbdelAziz
Human being is the same whatever the nationality, gender, profession but what I always believe in, that high level of education along with holding the ethics of any religion enhance personality and make anyone a better person.
Also, as medical field is dealing with people lives and the efforts paid to success in this field and the sacrifices made along with efforts require a person havin...
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Thank you for sharing the article Mahmoud AbdelAziz . It was a interesting read, as what Chih Chiang Nieh has said, there are bound to be some black amongst the lot. I suppose the learning point of the story is to pay attention to our colleagues and to offer help when it is needed. This is to avoid a situation when we would have ...
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It is very shocking the story took place in your country Theekshana Abayawickrama . I am glad your relatives are safe and that culprit got caught. These kind of criminal minds should never be in the healthcare profession as obviously they can never be trusted with human lives. Jealousy and rivalry is destructive in many ways. These examples also show us that these awful people can occur in any country, any race, a...
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Theekshana Abayawickrama first time I've heard of that kind of scenario. That is scary and intense. Fortunately, they were able to find it out somehow.

This is some deep stuff that's too scary to be involved with. It's not just a simple angst and pre- meditated vengeance, this man must've bottled up a lot of issues in himself and resorted to plotting a murder. I am all for the Hippocratic...
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This reminds me of a similar incident that happened some years ago in my country. There was a silent rivalry between two doctors over the number of patients they get to their private practice. It was discovered later that one doctor had hired a person to poison the water tank of the other doctor's house which he has been doing for many months. None of the family members died, but this was revealed when they had to be hospitalised repeatedly with illnesses that could not be linked with a caus...
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