6 bizarre medical cases uncovered

6 bizarre medical cases uncovered

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Throughout history, the medical field has encountered many unusual cases. We take a brief look at six of these odd patient experiences.
4 Feb 2017 - General
Second case: Porcupine quill ingested pokes hole in aorta. Any form of sharp object should not be swallowed. The most common swallow foreign object (FB) that we see in patients are fish bones and chicken bones. In anatomy classes, we learn that the oblique sinus is the space in between the left atrium and the oesphagus, appreciating the fact that any swallowed FB can penetrate the heart via the osophagus resulting in death. In this case, not sure is it the left atrium got pierced or the thoracic...
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First case: An “urge” to swallow knives. This is what we used to hear in circus or in Chinese stants theatres whereby people used to swallow knifes and remained unharmed. Amazingly these knives were rusty and they do not cause any tetanus infection in the patient? The amazing thing is that his intestines were not cut or torn, instead is the bowel obstruction from these undigestable knives that caused him to have the symptoms. He may have been suffering from a form of obsessive compulsive disord...
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