The Real Cost of Health Care in Retirement

The Real Cost of Health Care in Retirement

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Predicting health-care spending in retirement is one of the biggest challenges in financial planning. Medicare covers a lot, but not everything. Here’s what it covers and what you’ll owe out of pocket.
4 Feb 2017 - General
Thank you Shunjie Chua for giving access to the full article. Madhubabu kaaja Thank you for raising awareness on the costs of healthcare after retirement. I have not realized that it would really incur a lot of expenses. The moral lesson here is to get insurance early AND take good care of one's health. As HCPs, we should sto...
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I may not have read the whole article due to subscription restrictions but based on the discussion going on, healthcare in retirement definitely costs a lot. In Philippines, for retired individuals without savings, they would likely resort to government support, health insurance if still covered or financial support from children taken out of their own pockets. In UK, there are a lot of schemes and support to people aged over 60, NHS do cover the cost of prescriptions which is already a big help...
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Thank you for sharing the article Madhubabu kaaja.Unfortunately the article link which you have shared lead to a paywall and hence we are unable to read the article. For members who are interested to read without logging in, they would need to go through
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Health care for elder people is a typical task and costlier also than compared to all age groups because of there existence of multiple complications and multiple ailments needs to take multiple medication-s where there is a retired stage elders need to concentrate on their budget and we HCPs should aware of cost for treatment of elder people. Coming to India elder people are unable to balance their budget and medical needs about here nobody has medical claim and not aware of health policies too...
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