Who are the authors of the MIMs articles: It is important to know the identity of article authors

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4 Feb 2017 - General

This is a community in which MIMs articles are being shared very commonly. However there is often very little which is made known about the author. Unlike many other websites, there is often little offered about the author besides the name. I think that it is very important to know about the author of the because of the importance of journalistic intregrity, it will also help us to evaluate the quality of article and the advice which is being provided .

What do you think, do you care about knowing more about the authors of the articles?

Hi Marinelle Castro Kathleen Peralta Chih Chiang Nieh Madhubabu kaaja

Thanks for your feedback. I'm writing here representing on behalf of the MIMS Ne...
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The name of author is written below the article title. But we are unaware of their identity, photograph and profile. I can say two names here who are authors and community members Dr.Jennifer winter and Jemer Nicado except no body wont have connections here. They should have a profile It is a very required involvement of authors in the discussion where it gives an interesting thoughts among all. It is better to involve author for a better understanding subject where we can get a deeper and deep...
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