winter camping for better sleep

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5 Feb 2017 - General

University of colorado researchers found some interesting facts on winter camping on improving sleep by delaying individual circardian rythums. Short cam also improves sleeping pattren. Moreover camping has additonal health benifits with sleep promoting like improving cognitive fnctions, obesity. I dont have any winter camp experiences. Do you have any. Share your opinions and express your opinions.


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Chih Chiang Nieh Personally, I would enjoy camping more in a tropical, dry climate rather than camping during winter. Can you imagine lying on your tent with snow outside? I bet it would be freezing cold and I wouldn't be as comfortable as I would be with layers of clothing compared to just wearing a single layer of clothing. It is worth a try for the sake of experience but I prefer camping on a dry, spring/...
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Madhubabu kaaja Thanks for sharing the article. The original article is can be found at I do agree with Kathleen Peralta that the study did not show a benefit of camping in different seasons, In fact they went on in their study to prove that. ...
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