Is it okay to cry?

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5 Feb 2017 - General

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The general population would think that nurses/doctors and other healthcare professionals are superheroes and are not entitled to any negative emotions. As a nurse, I have encountered several occassions which nearly made me cry and even made me cry. From saying goodbye to a patient whom I've looked after for years in a care home, got sad with a family who recently lost a loved one, cried because of a near miss incident and cried because a patient is in doubt of my abilities. 

I understand we are health professionals and we shouldn't take things personally but as human as we are, there will be times when we can't just help it. Is it okay to cry?

Kathleen Peralta There was just one time that I completely lost control of my emotions. It's a good thing that this occurred during an operation wherein the patient was under general anesthesia. I was tired, sleep-deprived, and hungry, when one of my mentors was pushing me to do my best in a very aggressive manner. This is actually not unusual, but my defenses were low at that time because of the personal cir...
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Kathleen Peralta This patient was found to have pontine hemorrhage and then declared brain dead. We really felt he was somehow relatable to us. The real unbearable moment is when we had to tell his family at midnight that their young handsome son has gone. I remember our female colleagues couldn’t move a muscle while the male juniors had to ventilate him manually till his family is informed. We surely understood ...
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Kathleen Peralta I do believe that male workers are usually more capable in controlling their emotions under stressful conditions as mentioned. Sometimes the devastation is unimaginable and unbearable but there may be a hope or we know that it is happening and nothing can stop this even with our endless tears that won’t do any help during the situation. There was one time in the emergency hospital in my home city...
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Hi Dr Mark Edmon Tan, Marinelle Castro thank you for your insights. I am just curious, as medical doctors, I am aware that you've been exposed to a lot of medical areas when you were training and I assume you've done bedside care yourselves so you were in direct patient care. Being trained in Philippines, was there a time...
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Hi Mahmoud AbdelAziz, thank you for your insights. I agree that as human beings/ healthcare professionals we are entitled to feelings or emotions. You did suggest that we deal with our job first, then our emotions. To be honest, it is difficult carrying out a task with suppressed emotions. Coming from the "male" group, would you say that men are much better in handling emotions during work compared to ...
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