Sleep Deprivation Handicaps the Brain's Ability to form New Memories

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5 Feb 2017 - General

A latest research is showing that the natural sleep is very crucial in recalling and memory settings of an individual. Optimum sleep is very necessary for healthy lifestyle because it can recalibrate the brain cells for learning and memory status of all people. Sleep disorders, insomnia and sleeping aids can interfere with this phenomenon.

Tahira Nawaz Thank you for raising awareness on the importance of sleep. On the updated set of history taking, sleep is part of the questions asked for lifestyle and social history. Memory consolidation only occurs in deep sleep; thus, it is crucial for forming long-term memory. Moreover, sleep deprivation slows down metabolism and puts a person at increased risk for obesity. Lastly, recovery and repair of tissue...
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This is the link for original studies
I have tried to share through original link but it has a problem.
Thank you Shunjie Chua for yourpoint of view and I totally agree with you that good sleeping habits are very effective in achieving constant sound sleep schedule. I think it is very necessary to have sufficient sleep for better performance...
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I was unable to identify a recent study on the ability to sleep to help us forget, but there are studies on the ability to sleep to help us remeber. The NYT provides a good summary of these studies on The original studies appear to be on, with the commentary on it on
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