Longtime pharmacist still doing the job at 86

Longtime pharmacist still doing the job at 86

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After more than 60 years as a pharmacist, Bob Thiess still sports a broad smile as he talks about his job, coworkers and customers.
6 Feb 2017 - General
Hayes Chu Thank you for sharing the article. Previously, we had the opportunity to know of a Nobel scientist who worked till his death. It is great to know of a individual who is amongst us who do the very same. It provide the a great motivation to continue working despite the problems. My motivation to work is to improve the health quality of the patients and their relatives and hopefully help the society in my ...
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"At least we feel like we're doing some good for the community and the rest of people, and I guess that's what keeps me going. I enjoy helping people get better."

I guess we all need a mission to keep us going. For me, I'm getting a sense of achievement when I uncover stories or social issues that are not known or have been forgotten by the society. Maybe it's about an unfair government policy that is affecting healthcare professionals, o...
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