Patient 'waited 508 days' for hospital discharge - BBC News

Patient 'waited 508 days' for hospital discharge - BBC News

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Some patients in Scotland waited more than a year to be discharged from hospital, figures show.
6 Feb 2017 - General
Not wanting to go home is very unusual for medically fit patients in my opinion. However, I have seen this happen time again in my practice in both private and public hospitals. The main reason of the relatives is that the healthcare providers will share the burden of illness with them. The struggle of adjustment for life-altering illnesses such as stroke is debilitating for the family member too and they would like to seek more help as they cope. Though this is not exactly acceptable in medical...
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Shunjie Chua As much as possible hospitals get the contact number of patient's relatives so that they can help in having the patient transferred home or to wherever is the most reasonable. As far as I know, government institutions require relatives to be with the patient at all times in case important decisions have to be made. This is more of a problem for private institutions, when patient's relatives start to disappear. I witnessed this when I was a medical clerk, and from what I kn...
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In Singapore, we have this problem for medically fit patients as well, both from a systemic basis( where there are no spaces available for patients) as well as on a social level where patients or their families do not wish to go off. In the places, I have worked, there are special nurses/admin who are tasked on discharging patients with social workers to help them. I wonder how is this handled in other parts of Phillipines ...
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