3 most common mistakes when disposing unwanted medicines

3 most common mistakes when disposing unwanted medicines

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In a survey conducted, many patients have been shown to have a lack of awareness in proper pharmaceutical waste disposal, especially in Malaysia. Here are the top 3 mistakes that are commonly made by people when disposing their unwanted medicines.
6 Feb 2017 - General
Shunjie Chua To be honest, I am not aware that people do these things in order to dispose expired or unused medications. However, I do think that most citizens dispose these pharmaceutical products the same way that I do - through the trash. It is first and foremost convenient, and I am still unaware if there is an institute or a government facility where we can safely dispose of such. I do think that common se...
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Thank you for sharing the article Madhubabu kaaja. I wonder what is the source of these common myths. I personally haven't heard from them from the people i have interacted with. I wonder if you have heard about this myths before Marinelle Castro ? On the domestic level, i have also just disposed of the medication in the trash....
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