Nurse leaders: How to lead without seeming bossy

Nurse leaders: How to lead without seeming bossy

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Striking a balance between exerting control and leading a team with wisdom is crucial for any leader; being a nurse leader is definitely not an exception. Being in a position that provides an individual with certain control and authority over others can lead that individual to behave in a manner that might be considered as imposing - here's how a nurse leader can avoid portraying a negative image.
6 Feb 2017 - General
Tahira Nawaz
Thank you for sharing this article, the mentioned tips are very helpful and require an efforts to be used and applied.
Being a good leader will enhance the teamwork idea and will give a better results of work accomplishments.
Following these tips will make the work atmosphere more comfortable and will increase transparency and efficiency of employees not just in medical field but any oth...
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Like what was mentioned, I share the same opinion that these advices narrated in the article are also applicable to other leaders in and out of the healthcare setting. Personally, I think that the most important is to learn how to communicate well. The type of communication really depends on the character of the individual that you're talking to. There are times that you have to be authoritative when exerting influence, and there are times when you have to communicate in a different style to...
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Thank you for sharing the article Tahira Nawaz . This article substantiates itself poorly by quoting a study which was published in 2001( 16 years ago) it does not appear to be a landmark paper. With the changes in demographics in Singapore, the findings from the study might not be valid. As stated in a previous post, the advice from this article does appear to be applicable to the other HCPs( Not just nurses). I...
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