Treating Children: What are some techniques you use to make them happy?

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6 Feb 2017 - General

Managing minors can be pretty tough - What are some techniques you've seen, tried or used to get them to agree with you?

Please share some videos / videos or any resources as well!

I am no expert with kids, and this topic is perfect for my future career since i will be working with this age brackt. Thank you for this topic Jeremy Goh . Oh, I remember my friend who worked in pediatric ward, telling me that it is really hard to make kids behave. What she actually did was she was diverting the attention of child. Like playing with them, making them smile, and when the child forget about the sy...
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Jeremy Goh The best way to handle children is to make it appear as if you are playing with them. Whenever I do a neurologic exam on children, I always ask them to walk or imitate the facial expressions of their parents. When examining the upper extremities, I always ask them to do a high five with me, to which they are always delighted. For procedural pain, distraction techniques have been proven to be effective ...
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