Singapore's oldest mum had twins in her 50s

Singapore's oldest mum had twins in her 50s

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Many women become grandmothers in their mid- to late 50s. But one woman became a mother at that age last year.. Read more at
6 Feb 2017 - General
Theekshana Abayawickrama How do you know if the mother did not suffer from any adverse effects from the pregnancy/delivery?( This is just a registry based study which did not seem to have tracked that data. Mark Edmon Tan The number of elder births cannot be due to millenials because millenials is a term used to describe the early ...
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Thank you for sharing this article that relates to the change in age of conception for the younger generation. You are right Jeremy Goh . We might be seeing more cases where 50 year-olds give birth due to the millennials' mentality. Though this is not medically advisable, the shift to this trend seems inevitable as more people prioritze career over building a family. As HCPs, we must be relaying the cons of l...
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