(Actionline) Nurse mistakenly gives wrong info to patient

(Actionline) Nurse mistakenly gives wrong info to patient

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A NURSE at a private hospital in Kuala Lumpur has mistakenly told a patient to consume reconstituted sinus relief liquid, which is not supposed to be ingested.
6 Feb 2017 - General
Jeremy Goh It is part of the standard protocol for HCPs to ask if the patient/relative has understood the instructions as what Marinelle Castro stated. For actions that require the participation of relatives such as bed turning, a return demo is warranted to ensure safety of the patient. Mistakes such as the one that occurred coul...
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Jeremy Goh The only way that electronic medical records can prevent such misunderstanding is when nurses provide standard and printed instructions for the patients. Fortunately, I have never heard of a similar incident in our institute. Based on my observation, nurses confirm if parents/ patients understood instructions by asking them about it. Also, prior to discharge, all patients have to sign the prescription...
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