Violation of Medical Etiquette

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6 Feb 2017 - General

Repeatedly violating medical etiquette occurs more common than we think in the workplace. Throwing someone under the bus in the presence of a patient and rumor mongering are some of the more common issues. One common violation I encounter is when other services violate the virtue of prudence. Some overstep their boundaries by making promises/guarantees to a patient about something that a specialist of another field is in better position to discuss. For example, it commonly happens in our institution where other services tell a patient that he/she willl be walking with a prosthetic appliance in six months after an amputation. One can only imagine the disappointment in a patient's face when the time comes for a physiatrist to discuss that ambulating with a prosthetic appliance is a remote possibility due to limitations caused by co-morbidities. I find this to be unfair for both the patient and specialist as situations like this could be prevented by avoiding grandstanding from fellow HCPs. For the MIMS community, what are the medical etiquette violations that you commonly observe?

Mark Edmon Tan I understand your sentiments because I also see a lot of patients with physical disabilities. Its very unethical to make any promises as such, because we are uncertain whether a patient can ambulate again. It really depends on a lot of factors, and most of which, are not under our control. To answer your question, it's common for referral doctors to order a referral to another specialist, with...
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