Foreign Graduates in The Healthcare Profession

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6 Feb 2017 - General

Foreign healthcare professionals, also known as International Medical Graduates (IMGs), constitute the back bone of the healthcare sector in many countries. Recently, I have read an article on Medscape about doctors with overseas qualifications in the USA. The report shows a surprising finding that those doctors coming from outside the states have less mortality rates than their American counterparts. Do you think foreign graduates enrich or endanger the system? What is the situation of foreign doctors in your countries?

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Mahmoud AbdelAziz We do not have a lot of foreign graduates that practice medicine in the Philippines. Based on my experience and observation, we have more of foreign students who wish to study and train in the country. I think that a lot of them leave because the financial compensation here is not so attractive compared to other countries. If they practice here, I think they can enrich the system by contributing...
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