Deputy Health Minister disputes Penang’s claims of “first” Islamic hospital

Deputy Health Minister disputes Penang’s claims of “first” Islamic hospital

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The Malaysian Deputy Health minister stressed that the Health Ministry has already taken efforts to ensure that all government health facilities are in compliance with the syariah principles, after the Penang government announced plans to build the first syariah-compliant hospital in the country.
7 Feb 2017 - General
Mahmoud AbdelAziz Thanks for sharing about Syariah compliance and the practice of medicine with Islam. It is a aspect which i have been interested to know about. I would think that the Hijab could actually potentially help in infection control( if it is those that are more tight fitting) This is because they could help to prevent the hair from dropping. In Singapore nurses are not allowed to wear to Hijab/tudung ...
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We have discussed this announcement about the first shariah compliant hospital before. I shared the same opinion as the honourable deputy minister that there is nothing in the current hospitals against Shariah and Islamic teachings! Following Shariah is extremely simple as described in the article and should not be big fuzz. I am glad this has been announced clearly by an official in the Government. However, if it was just about “Waqf”, that means charity hospital which should be encouraged. The...
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