Male contraceptive gel passes monkey test - BBC News

Male contraceptive gel passes monkey test - BBC News

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A new type of male contraceptive that plugs sperm flow with a gel is successful in monkey trials.
7 Feb 2017 - General
Jemelyn Mae Sodusta Thanks for sharing your thoughts. From what that it stated on the site of the funding organisation,( is can be kept in place for as long as you want the contraception, if you reverse the contraception, then you will need a injection again. They have said they have a commitment to make the costs as low as possible. Bringing u...
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Traditionally, there are only two options of contraception for males, the vasectomy and the condom. Now, there are two contraceptive gels which are being developed which are injected into the spermatic ducts to block the flow of the sperms . Another injection will dissolve the gels to obtain fertility again. The monkey trials has just been completed and animal studies might start soon.

MIMs community, do you think there will be a big demand for this amongst the patients you treat, why ...
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