4 futuristic medical services: From concierge medicine to spa doctors

4 futuristic medical services: From concierge medicine to spa doctors

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Patient empowerment is the new wave in healthcare. Doctors are already making transitions, taking healthcare beyond their sterile clinics to soothing spas, cosy cafes or even virtual landscapes.
8 Feb 2017 - General
I think the fifth one could be the ALTERNATIVE DOCTOR. For the past thirty years of practicing western medicine, I can’t seem to be settled to just listening with empathy; writing down the pertinent history and physical examination; and prescribing medications after giving pieces of advice on healthy lifestyle change. Most of the time the dilemma was how I can prescribe NSAIDS to a patient with acid reflux or peptic ulcer or the elderly who are into polypharmacy. Then with some luck after attend...
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Now this may change the image of coming to doctors from frightening to a comfortable one. Most of us or maybe not all are afraid going to the doctors clinic for consultation having the fear of becoming able to detect certain diseases. But provided with this new approach according to style, trend and fashion, visits can be more enjoyable and relaxing. Especially those who are busy with their schedules and find less time to see a consultant themselves. For now we have this telemedicine too wherein...
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I thought it was interesting that the article talks about the concierge medicine but does not really talk about it in the article, it was akin to the metaphorical bait and switch. If there is anyone interest on this form of medicine, a good article to read is This is written at Upenn and provide a good perspective on this type of practice. Some of us may recognise that it was actually simila...
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