For the love of the profession - or something more?

For the love of the profession - or something more?

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It is not new news that becoming a doctor is no easy task, and being a doctor, even more so. Nonetheless, despite all the obvious deterrent factors, the number of medical graduates continues to rise from year to year, and here we take a look at some of the primary driving factors behind this.
8 Feb 2017 - General
This does not only apply to doctors but to almost all professions. I think the greatest driving factor for taking up the course what we have now is about family tradition and passion. Most of the Filipinos are used to this kind of belief that when your parents are doctors or nurse, most likely the children also become one as their parents were one of the motivating factor. Seeing the situation from their parents could also drive their passion to become like them too. I guess that would fall unde...
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I really admire doctors because the journey to becoming a reputable physician and building your practice is quite tedious. From medical school, to internship, and then to residency, going on the path to becoming a good doctor really takes humongous amounts of commitment, perseverance, brainbreaking work and grit (and caffeine?). And once you’re caught on this path, it’s quite difficult to turn back. So aside from being passionate enough to help patients, a lot more attributes are needed to final...
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