Thank the War on Drugs for your Valentine’s Day roses

Thank the War on Drugs for your Valentine’s Day roses

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Flower-selling was supposed to be an alternative to the cocaine industry. Instead, it's a source of exploitation
8 Feb 2017 - General
What a heavy article to read. Ecuadorian roses are very popular, even here in the Philippines. I've always viewed Ecuadorian roses in a different light and reading this article opened my eyes to the harsh working conditions of women in that region. However, if we stop buying their product, wouldn't that cause a problem for them too? The only logical thing to do for this problem is establish awareness among the political leaders in that region about the human rights violation that is prev...
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Thanks for sharing this article Jeremy Goh , just perfect for the Valentine season! The campaign was really simple that if nations would be selling them other things such as roses, then the interest of buying cocaine will also be lessen. In a way, it is somewhat kind of diverting their interests which links to the reduction on drugs. It's just strange that most of the workers are linked to women. Maybe becaus...
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Woah, this article has been very enlightening. On the bright side, people are becoming more aware of the issues surrounding this, and hopefully this would incite changes to the current way things are being done, especially regarding women’s rights. Oh, and speaking about Valentine’s day gifts - did you know that most of the expensive imported chocolates from Europe and the US actually source their raw cacao very cheaply from several Asian countries? And here we are buying those chocolates for ma...
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