How to Deal with Fussy Eater Child?

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8 Feb 2017 - General

Fussy eater child are toughest to handle because they don't eat what they need. If your child don't eat properly, he will not be healthy and have depressive, irritating and stuborn behaviour. When the child's stomach will not happy, he/she will not happy at all. So how to change the child's eating habits from selective eaters to all rounders? Please give your views, Thank you.

Meal time should always be a positive experience for the child. No forcing or crying. I must say, it is definitely not easy letting the little ones eat healthy but by not giving up and being firm, I believe everuthing else will just follow. My little one is two. During mealtimes, we try to eat together and eat what we wanted her to eat. She may not prefer other vegetables so we don't force it but there are some vegetables that she likes so we end up sticking to it. As what ...
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