What is preventative healthcare and can it save lives?

What is preventative healthcare and can it save lives?

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The benefits of prescribing medication to patients who show early signs of disease development are still hotly debated among doctors.
9 Feb 2017 - General
Preventative healthcare can be done in both pharmacologic and non-pharmacologic interventions. Non-pharmacologic should be introduced for lifestyle related illnesses such as hypertension and diabetes. Patients have to understand that lifestyle modification is part of the treatment and not optional. Drugs are supposed to augment lifestyle change and not the other way around. If a major illness such as stroke or MI is being prevented, then anticoagulants are warranted as dietary modifications will...
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Lianne Marie Victoria Laruan I agree that we have to advocate for preventive care. As far as I am concerned, we do not have so many problems with changing the mindset of Filipinos regarding immunization because our cultural practice makes it appear as if it is a social responsibility for parents. I think we should concentrate our efforts of educating patients regarding the recommended screening guidelines for ever...
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