How senior patients approach healthcare

How senior patients approach healthcare

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Patients that who were born before the age of the Internet are known as the baby boomers (1946 to 1964). They approach healthcare in a traditional manner and are more comfortable with conventional methods when it comes to feedback and guidance.
9 Feb 2017 - General
It is true that baby boomers compared to the digital age generation are having longer patience compared now. They are more understanding and really value the doctors advice. They follow it faithfully without fail compared to now, people tend to doubt their physicians opinion and seeks more from other doctors. Others would rely on the internet and just stick to self medication. People are born to different ages, provided with different needs and adjustment. What is important is that whatever era...
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I agree with Marinelle Castro; in most areas here, this is the way things are done. I also noticed that the older people are very much okay with waiting a long time, while younger patients tend to value their time more, possibly due to a more fast-paced lifestyle in the younger generation. With regards to technology, I guess we HCPs simply have to adjust too for elderly patients who have not yet caught on the tec...
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